LAST DAYS (Последние дни)

by Toxic Delirium

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released September 13, 2014

all lyrics, vocals, and music written composed and recorded by natalia cleotatra kobrapuke. toxic delirium is a solo punk/grunge project. crimson kamikaze mafia productions. dark frequencies studios. gutter empyres rise. cheers<3



all rights reserved


Toxic Delirium Chornobyl, Ukraine

oi. im natalia cleotatra kobrapuke. transgirl gutterpunk. underground creative bitch. toxic delirium is a solo punk/grunge projekt. dark frequencies studios. crimson kamikaze mafia productions. cheers to ya.

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Track Name: war water ( война вода )
lyrics: lock my heart. nail shut the door. peace for the sake of violence. eternal silence. cant take it anymore. lost my damn mind and i dont care to find it. drink from the waters of war. dead to the world. i think i kinda like it. piss in the wishing well. may as well try it. my knees buckle and collapse as soon as i try to stand. i got a poltergeist eatin out my hand. even when i tell the truth im lyin. my head says im livin but my heart says im dyin. open up to shut it down. they tell me i could be anything, a half mast smile is my only reply. so ill do just that and ill never be revived. pass me a razorblade, a guitar, a needle and a vial of k. hardly used model, barely any mileage. one day ill walk away and i wont look back. checkin out. fight for the right to be lifeless. yeah one day the skies will fall. watch, one day while standin tall. every tree in bloom, even one day their leaves will fall. all i wanted but you cant even see. hidin in plain sight but you can hear me. listen clearly. invisible man. fuckin exile. dust it off. set fire to the textile. cold blooded reptile. every song i sing is an evp recording. syringe like a gun. load it up. stick it in the leg. bonnie and clyde, down to ride. well well maybe this may be the day that i may die. so i take my knife and i drain my life. i know i know, why my face is breakin up, no semblance of my own. no resemblance that i know. theres three sides to every tale. silver tarnished dipped in the colors of light. in the day and night. and each day will last for eternity. yeah and the nights are another day. moons lit dry under venoms divine. at the dead end road is where you can find me. these dark clouds lack a silver lining...
Track Name: contaminant ( загрязнитель )
lyrix: open up the sky, you open up the fuckin mind. open up the skies, you open up the fuckin ethers. battles of old, torn asunder. around any step you could fly. i want to fuckin die. over here. over there. punch to the bloodflow. through the vein. open up the brain to the bloodstain. all rise, ill rise. realize. alive. open up your fuckin eyes, open up your fuckin rind. pry all three open wide yeah. open up, divide. chokin up on dice. its a civil war in the fuckin head. over under up and down. the touch of foreplay. open up to foreplay. you and i be on the floor, lay. on defiling, of the role play. turn and bite the pillow. tied down. i know. all owned. ill go. all torn. im yours. my whore. eh, when your outta line. and a cyclone on your mind. hear the trees, voice of breeze. hear the song in the vein. in absinthium. aretemesia absinthe. oh absinthe me. where we go? no tellin. pour the fabled green fairy. on the table. where am i? are we gonna fall? in the fall, til the downfall, drink it all. drink it all. drink it all. oh toto were not in kansas anymore. so take my hand. lay your skins over there. green fairy. i hardly know you. barely. ya pour the green fairy, what goes up. take the slotted spoon and fit it with a sugarcube. then ya pour the water over, watch the shit turn white. youll return to forever. and while were there we will collect it all. youre the steel to the blade, the hearth to the home. can you hear my heartbeat? yeah so do i. and all alone, nod to the offroad. bent it like a motherfucker. dont know where i been. its irrelevant. very relative, in the vice of speech. ought to obey you. oh well. im so ooh ooh la la. im gone, but suppers ready. theres so much damage done. take my fuckin hand and then i know whose fuckin leather whipped me. my fuckin pornstar. hand me my ass. in artemesia, in absinthium. a tone deaf warrior. oh absinthe. your like a song stuck in zero. youre like an end to the moon. speak in broken tongues. hybrid, each sip. say what ask me when were all alone. a little breach is out. with you, no more loneliness. oh artemesia absinthium. panic sinkin in. up, busted. clutching at my chest. art of bleedin. numb. sin of past discretions. love. a pin in my brainspan. breaking off. pour the green fairy in the fuckin cup. take the slotted spoon and then you know just what. take that slotted spoon, once fitted with a sugarcube. pour the water in and watch the shit turn white. drink it up. in bliss, forever, well be. in bliss, forever well be. oi im not stuck in the pantheon no more. no more, my friend. lost, gone. fuck it. no more. hey! where you at? here, on the mat. here, starin at the sky. hallucination, hallucination, hallucination. my how lucy's got a fuckin knob. did i ya get the message? yeah i got the message. got the message then no more. what the fuck?! oh no, not again. an eyeless beast mongrel. a bitch that floats on heavy knee. not the faceless monsters creepin forth from my elixir. boardin up the windows. i am still not tethered. take me home.
Track Name: bayonet whisperer ( штык сплетник )
lyrix: v1-my clothes doused in gas, walk through the fire. nightmare in a pretty shell. snake bite creeds. burial fields. uncork and please pour me out a better day
chorus 1-every time the wound, it tries to heal...pick at the edges so the blood cannot congeal
v2-canvas made of skin and bone bottles the liquor of our souls. puzzle missing a piece or nine. just tryin to find my way home. paint over it again and again and again. all goes quiet in the eye of the storm
ch2-cross my heart and pray to die. stick a hypodermic needle in my eye
v3-ceilings burned and walls marked. gravel in empty sockets. i can see it from here, watchin me from the stairs. crawl underneath the table and wait for it to stop and go the fuck away.
bridge 1-delicate curves of a nanosecond lost to ages of scorn. deep fried catechombs sailed by the hourglass of hopeless war
ch 3-poke out the eyes and piss in the skull. now is the beginning of the downfall
v4-pour ink down the last shards of daylights smiling face. oily grim lies cloak with nightshade kiss. lick my face again. ring around the rosy, pocketful of death. ashes ashes we all fall down.
br2-lottery of carcinogenic bookmarks of time. stand tall because tomorrow may be the day you vanish beneath the tides
outro-cant see the road that lies ahead of me. try as i might, i cannot breathe. theres not much left of me. merrily merrily life is but a dream...
Track Name: mortuary ( покойницкая )
v1 crossfire. stab a needle in my heart. bask in it. im sinkin in. pour venoms over my lies. bite the bullet. bite my lip. bite my tongue. if I could I would tear both eyes so you could see what I see in you. fangs bared to me. I always find myself back here, in chains. in chains. lock streams. lost in a cemetery. mortuary soul, rot out. drink poison just to slow the pain.
v2) deeper I dive. crumple up as I rise. feel the bends arrive. theres ghosts on the walls, ghosts in the halls. theres a ghost, where, but standin there at my bedside. walk thru dismal. don't know what the fuck they done to me.
v3) pissin on the lunch meat. piss into the fries. piss where you want but just don't piss up in my eyes. every step I take is stopped and grabbed by hands in the dirt. breath in toxins and waters of an open sky. toss them old dice, unknown songs play here in my red eyes. tick tock surprise. sorry I never told you a million times but still all is well. known severance. throw it all in a hole and hitchhike out. wander back to hell. soiled thoughts run in place, even death spits, sits here alone in vision. break down. tear up the existence and persistence and all the tales it tells.
v4) damn. I choked on it. ive known. yeah ill go as soon as the sediment settles. fuck it, darling. cuff me to the bedpost. take me how you will.
outro) mainline shades of gray. here in chains. in chains. brush off yesterdays grip. layin here in chains. in chains.
Track Name: kids of the d hole kids of the d hole (Дети из д отверстие)
lyrix-v1-kids of the d hole. i live on the fourth plateau. every time im thirsty, i drink a robo. i eat bowl of gels like cereal. i put cough syrup on my pancakes. oi oi oi
i am a walking talking dxm molecule
v2=kids of the d hole. gutter psychic. tough enough? wont feel pain. will never again cough.all empty brown bottles to the ground. bottoms up. see you at plateau sigma.
bridge: i am a walking talking dxm molecule. my soul is a dissociative.
v3=go! the akashic records can be found in aisle eleven. eat triple cs to see hell or mucinex to go to heaven. delsyms mixed with gels and you might levitate. mix polistyrex with hydrobromide and citrate and meditate. dextromethorphan promotes psychic states.
kids of the d hole. see ya there. kids of the dhole.
Track Name: wreckin crew (бригада по сносу зданий)
lyrix-v1-oh no look what you gone and done. how dare you interfere with our run? were not here to hurt anyone. unless you got a fuckin problem, son.
chorus1-baldknobbers. hells angels. the good old girls an boys. ya boondock saints go make some noise. make some noise. call up all sacred crews. git er done for me an you.
crimson kamikaze mafia proud and true. crimson kamikaze mafia proud and true.
v2-what you gonna do when punx and skinheads run down on you? in a back alley, no one to see this knife go through you. i know what you do and i dont like it. its better for the world if you aint around.
chorus 2-even old new york was once new amsterdam. even old new york was once new amsterdam. dead rabbits, hells kitchen. many crews ran through this land. some good, some bad, since time began.
v3- id rather have a good time with my crew, be left the fuck alone. but if you step on our toes youll see a chernobyl disaster atomic fallout
chorus 3- even old new york was once new amsterdam. even old new york was once new amsterdam. crimson kamikaze mafia crew. what the fuck you gonna do?
Track Name: blackout ( провал памяти )
shadows closing in/ alright thats enough for today/ hang it up to dry/ lost somewhere between dirt and moonlight/ crushed beneath the weight of yesterday/ every step i take my load lightens somewhat and my footprints fade away but i/ have a thousand and one words for you but not one of them i say/ but anyway plug infinity into the back of my brain and all this melts away yeah/ caustic rungs/ a broken sun/ silent song and a pocketful of bugs
peel away the black paint from my eyes so i can see/ say my name. the one known only by the breeze and waves/ im goin away and i assure i wont be back so...hey it never mattered anyway
wish upon a star/ watch it fall down to the earth along with my dreams/ so long/ ya cant have everything/ guess it wasnt meant to be/ forests of bone and flesh i roam/ somewhere inside theres a leak. oh well./ i crawl forth to drink from the fountain over broken glass on bended knee/ to be or not to be a good question indeed. flash before my eyes/ when born we all start to die/ framework of illusion crumble down. bared to the fangs of eternity
gotta pay the piper when the fuckin rats are gone/ open graves scream to you from the other side of dawn/ im going away and i assure i wont be back so so long. hey/ never mattered anyway x2split dry teeth/ shift chipped split spit spread disease/ runnin ever free/ swallowed up by the sadistic maw of urgentry na na na na na na bla bla
sail away. always in search of a better path to take/ faded grace. salvation aint so safe these days/ im goin away. and i assure you i wont be back so dont wait. never mattered anyway
Track Name: dark frequencies dark frequencies ( темные частоты )
v1-room is empty but theres something else here. feel the soft breath whisper in my ear. apparitions feeding off my fear.
pick up the vibrations that surround. hearing words from an unseen mouth. speak to the voices you hear and they speak back aloud
chorus- sometimes i dont want no part of me. retreat into the fabric of a renegade breeze. scan the waves for black frequencies. sit alone. turn the dial on the radio. listen close for the whispers of ghosts. white noise is all i know.
v2- sit with my ouija board. planchette in my hand. any spirits out there that wanna chat? hear scratching at the door. my eyes bleed and all goes black.
dark liquid drippin down the ceilings and the fuckin walls. heads meltin out the plaster in my hall. the face in the mirror is not mine at all.
bridge-he who laughs last didnt git the fuckin joke. somethin ate the breadcrumbs i left to find my way home. homes where the heart is, i been told. i never had one so i really wouldnt know.
v3-shrapnel of a turbulent history. tryin to find a viable artery. no words can explain what i seen...
Track Name: Napalm in the morning ( напалм утром )
cant bear to stare upon yer face/ both yer arms point to the lies you create/a clock you can crush but time one cannot eradicate
sky cold and grey. pay in currencies of pain/ but that's ok. anaesthetized anyway and anyday joy or sorrow all the same
what would you be? if you could be anything? if you could be what you want to see in the world, well would you?
I cannot stay but I refuse to leave. taste the sand that freefalls in the hourglass. take my heart in your hands. as we wait for death we laugh and laugh as life passes by. merrily merrily life aint shit but an alibi
don't matter what you say. aint nothing here that you can change. fuck off and go away and ill be walkin my own way. have a nice day. ah. I love the smell of napalm in the morning
don't wanna die but I don't wanna live. when all is ash on the ground why pretend this shit is permanent? feel my guts rot away inside my abdomen. as I look beyond the veil and see the game is rigged.
force fed stale crumbs and palsy creeds, scream so silently. a violent peace burns inside of me. pledge allegiance to amnesia for the sake of sanity.
eyes of crosshairs. bloodline of venom swarm. caustic pulse pumps poison. each word a curse. a cannonball. don't blame the battlesnake when you step too close and feel its bite. the nature of the beast heed the rattle or kiss the world goodbye.
Track Name: silent hill ( Молчащий Холм )
silent hill. writhe in silence for thrills. welcome me back again. wecome me back again my friend. octopi extort those cries. snake stings like porcupine. another pill to kill the pain. another pill to go insane. drive by the warped monsters unsalvageable souls. do I qualify?
four faced fears and 3 jawed horrors smear the mists of things to come.
raining ashes burning mattress cameras cannot capture this alternate reality savage saw ravage raw sanity break apart at the seams so I crumble to ash crisp up to dust
cant handle anything
ship nowhere to go but down ship nowhere to go but straight down
to the mariana trench we know more about outer space than our own oceans
venoms tenements
elements incestuous
retribution malevolence penetrate the vented grip
gade ash to dust say goodbye now
silent hill where are you
Track Name: pink panthers ( розовые пантеры )
v1) demons throw dice in the back room, waiting for you to break. desecrate the messages. place a hand in the flame, there let it remain, savor the pain. scrambled evidence.

v1.2) sacrifice eloquence for nightmares spent awake in abysms of dim decadence. cloaked in welcome malevolence. keep company with phantoms and pink elephants.

v2) bask in abject madness and dissipating sentences. twist all aspects, at best, into faded sentiments. into the grim ear of the silence, whisper a virulent penance. mind numbs, brain hung upside down. eyes deadened.

v2.1) in the fabric of forgotten tongues, devoid of any reverence. seal up all of the exits. distant screams seep thru the tones of a spectral resonance. kamikaze deathwish. crawl inside. no place to hide. fuck it all.

br1) find myself back again. a dark side denizen. bone dice revenants awash in tenemnents of piss broken elements. crumpled in a scrap heap of self invited detriment. four hour descent into aggressive dementia.

link) biding time with the venomous. with a cancers kiss. tears of a breathless menace. a beautiful deception.

v3) a spoonful of pestilence helps the medicine go down. ambidextrous negligence. blackout. peel the flesh away and instigate a resurrection. noxious potions and a caustic corrosive insurrection.

break) welcome to the spiral down x2

v3.1) a fistful of worm eaten memories and moth bitten leverage. sit beneath a tree of flesh and witness the grass tides roll. shrug the shoulders and accept the essence of a suppressed relevance.

br2) clip the wings in mid flight above a sea of excrement. knee deep in paranormal suspensions. eyes wiped clear of all points of reference. come along, follow the pink panther to the point of entrance.

v4) blackened flickering night skies bleed oil and ink down the face of failed lessons. blessed are the damned for they are not repentant.

v4.1) riddle me this, riddle me that. i demand an answer to this question: what will you find when you dissect your point of assemblage? witness phenomena thatll put your heart in cardiac arrest. make you need an injection into your chest of epinephrine.

outro) watch as clear ghost jellyfish swim to the ceiling at a relentless clip. farewell, im leavin now into delirium dimensions. what you encounter is never what you expected.
pink panthers x3
Track Name: demon song ( демон песня )
n/a (instrumental)
Track Name: when i die: rendition ( когда я умру: исполнение )
when i die, put that bottle in my hand. all these years on earth, it was my closest friend. when you dig a hole and your gonna bury me, put that bottle of robitussin to rest beside of me.
all my life i been livin on the run. hangin out on sidewalks with gutterpunks. pissin off everyone.
livin on the road, runnin coast to coast. spendin many nights in jail. cant be found, im a fucking ghost.
when i die, you dont have to cry. set fire to any trace of feeling left inside.
never cared or had no feelings to be saved. all i gave a fuck about was this guitar and an unmarked grave.
live this life like a rollin stone, a loner on a trail. leading to nowhere. the dead, they tell no tales. noone to call, noone to see me through. so i git myself a gun and repaint these walls for you.
living on the road, plyain scumfuc rock and roll. livin on the road. the world is my home.
when i die, please dont fuckin cry. set fire to any trace of feeling left inside.
aint never had anything that could keep me satisfied. lick my lips, and take these pills. kick back and wait to die. this guitar speaks tongues deep into my soul, or at least the moth eaten fragments that remain. each breath takes its toll. so when i die, put that bottle by my side. put two tussin caps over each one of my eyes.
wheni die, when i die...
when i die, put that bottle next to me. closest friend i one could ask for, never walked away from me
living on the run, you wont take me alive. good luck if ya wanna try. im leavin now. goodbye.
Track Name: asylum ( психиатрическая больница )
v1-when pigs fly smell the breath of genocide. darkheart moonrise of an oilslick mind. bottle dweller with a bloodstream of needle juice. my decay is all over me like a cheap suit. whered i put my keys? no i cant remember what. fuck. acute toxic psychosis erupts. na na na na na
v2- grab the bannister as you tumble down the stairs. a bullet to the brain will wash away all fear. each human lifes a casket awaitin the ground. ashes ashes we all fall down.
dont know where i been. i got noplace left to go. still tryin to find the highest bidder on my soul
chorus-here in my head. asylum. stuck here in this cell. padded room without a view.
na na na na na
v3- armageddon arrives in a brown paper bag. braincells rot. headshot. fishhook snag. you can keep your change. could you please spare some time. i just bought a one way ticket to lost mind.
bubble bubble trouble and bottomless toil. here i sit alone just chewin on some fuckin tinfoil
Track Name: angel of death: voids song ( ангел смерти: Песня войд )
v1-you put marilyn monroe and betty page to shame. even brody dalle seems lame compared to you baby. romeo and juliet's sex aint shit compared to our love. dig your nails in my back make me sweat. and i know that i love you to death. bonnie and clyde to the last breath. youre addictive as a lit cigarette. tattoo a surgeon generals warning on yer forehead.
na na na ooh la la
v2-youre the punk rock rose to my transgrl jack. like the sid to your nancy. i fancy you more than a magnets pull attract. like a yin to the yang. like a bang to the guns blast. plaid mini skirt. knee high leather boots. fishnets. mohawk short and black. a godess with a pink dog collar. hand cuffs and whip crack. we all need a little time to play so lay back. lay back.
chorus 1- oh baby cant you see that i need you badly. and i want you madly. and i wish i had you in my arms tonight. you just mighta been my suicide girl for life.
had a bad dream last night. death on the road goin 75...oh well. baby you still down to ride? she looked me dead in the eye. said babe bonnie n clyde, always down to ride.
v3-one fateful night, were goin 75 on a moonlit path. two milk cartons of acid to sell in the back. were all we need in this life. just this car, and this dream. and thats all you really need, ya wanna be exact. then came the screech of the tires and the sound of broken glass. before i knew what happened babe your bleedin bad and your fadin fast. took one look into your lovely eyes and heard you whisper your last words to me. you said: meet me at the crossroads." i promised "baby ill be the shorly."
chorus 2-oh baby. cant you see that i love you madly. and i want you badly. and i wish that i had you in my arms alive. not a pile of dead flesh and bone on the roadside. you just mighta been my suicide girl for life. i cant live without you baby. so please come back. please come back. please come back....
ill never be the same again. never be the same again....
baby...oh baby...
this is a song about the night my girl love died in my arms in a vicious car crash in the deserts of arizona. i love you, void darlin. ill meet you at the crossroads for you baby. please wait for me. i wont be long now...